Pottstown Animal Wellness Services

560 E High St
Pottstown, PA 19464



About Pottstown Animal Wellness Services


Of course we want you to know that Pottstown Animal Wellness Services (PAWS) is a  full-service, small animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care.  And of course we are hoping that you know we are here to provide your pet with the best standard of care.  Would you go to a veterinary office that didn't... we don't think so!

Sleepy Cat

What we really want you to know is who we are, how we came together as a team, and what our expectations are for the care and services that we provide.  

In 2013, a group of like minded women got together to discuss opening a veterinary office.  Focusing on a healthy work environment for staff that fostered individualized care for patients, quality care options that are within reach for all pet owners and a relationship centered environment.   Almost ten years later, three of these woman took their years of veterinary experience and knowledge and created PAWS! Dr. DiBuono, Alyson and Tracie all have a passion for animals and have many things in common when it comes to their beliefs and practice ethics.  This is what created a great foundation for this practice.  However, it is their differences that make all the difference at this hospital.  They have covered all of their bases when it comes to a well rounded work environment and animal hospital.  Dr. DiBuono is an amazing diagnostician, up for challenges, fun-loving and quirky.  She will undoubtedly advocate in the best interest of your pet.  Alyson, the lead technician is all about learning and education when it comes to the veterinary field. Not only does she stay on top of all the best technical care for your pet she believes that client education is an extremely important part of her job.  Alyson loves dogs and takes the time to get to know her patient's needs and personality in the office.  Understanding that each pet's personality is different,  she takes her  knowledge of animal behavior into account,  and with this knowledge tries to make a pet's vet visit as stress free as possible. You can also find her handy work all over the hospital.  From the hand made waiting room bench to most of the in office IT work!  Although Tracie has spent most of her time in the veterinary field as a technician, as Practice Manager, she feels most at home making you and your pet feel right at home!  Tracie likes to fill in the blanks where needed in the office. A little nursing care of patients, a welcoming voice on the phone, helping with a grumpy cat or grumpy clients (because we all know it can be stressful to have a sick pet) is all in a days work for her.  Tracie is there to make the office a welcoming place to be!  

Dog outside in grass

We truly want to be a relationship centered practice.  What does that mean?  We believe that it is only through our relationship with our clients and an open line of communication with them that we can better understand, interpret and treat the needs of our patients within the means of our clients.  Dr. DiBuono has gone out of her way to ensure that her team members are not only "animal" people but "people people"  too!  We look forward to working with you, caring for your pets, loving them like they are our own and being a part of this community.